Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 Intentions Clear (08.26.06 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) 05:51 Believe the Lie 18:11 Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 (08.25.06 - FUNK Fest, Bean Blossom, IN) 31:55 Der Bluten Kat > 47:18 Glory > 52:19 Der Bluten Kat (08.26.06 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) 56:00 All Things Ninja (08.25.06 - F.U.N.K. Festival, Bean Blossom, Indiana) Total Broadcast Length 72:06 Notes: entire podcast with Joshua Redman on saxophone Umphrey's McGee was once again honored to welcome Joshua Redman to the stage for 2 shows, August 2006. He revisited his Safety in Numbers appeareance on Intentions Clear. The new "fusion" intro to Believe the Lie is augmented even further with Redman's horn. The Shine On You Crazy Diamond encore closed their appearance at the F.U.N.K. Festival.
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