Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 Uncle Wally* (03.10.06 - Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois) 05:42 40's Theme > 09:22 Dump City > 16:36 40's Theme (03.21.06 - Jam in the 'Dam, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 21:38 Get in the Van 28:53 Mail Package (03.23.06 - Knust, Hamburg, Germany) 39:11 Atmosfarag > 45:35 Der Bluten Kat (03.20.06 - Jam in the 'Dam, Amsterdam, Netherlands) Total Broadcast Length 77:21 Notes: * acoustic Umphrey's McGee opened with a short acoustic segment at the Chicago Theatre, starting with Uncle Wally. Dump City is deposited right in the middle of 40's Theme. The band'? first German crowd witnessed a unique Mail Package with a patiently extended middle segment. The gentle opening of Atmosfarag sets the table for yet another adventurous Der Bluten Kat.
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00:00 Women Wine & Song (03.11.06 - Langerado Music Festival, Sunrise, Florida) 05:56 Great American (03.19.06 - Jam in the 'Dam, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 22:40 Thin Air (03.20.06 - Jam in the 'Dam, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 33:04 The Pequod > 35:49 Ahab > 38:03 The Pequod > 39:39 The Fussy Dutchman (03.16.06 - La Boule Noir, Paris, France) 47:56 Sociable Jimmy* 60:42 The Triple Wide (03.10.06 - Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois) Total Broadcast Length 74:12 Notes: * with Intentions Clear teases The band's soundcheck at the Langerado Music Festival lead right into the Women Wine and Song opener. Great American has acquired 2 extended improv sections in recent months, allowing for the band to expand their interpretation of the short form. Umphrey's teases their hometown crowd with, the yet to be debuted (at the time) new original, Intentions Clear, off of Safety in Numbers. It would make its live debut a month later at The Fillmore in San Francisco.
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