Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 Utopian Fir > 16:08 All Things Ninja (04.08.06 - Roseland Theatre, Portland, Oregon) 31:29 Believe the Lie (04.10.06 - McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California) 39:49 Bridgeless > 45:25 "Jimmy Stewart" > 56:30 Bridgeless (04.09.06 - McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California) 62:34 Soul Food^ I > 68:31 It's About That Time jam^ > 72:47 piano solo (04.14.06 - Fillmore, San Francisco, California) Total Broadcast Length 77:03 Notes: ^ with Mitch Marcus on saxophone
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00:00 Liquid > 09:23 In Violation of Yes* (04.08.06 - Roseland Theatre, Portland, Oregon) 18:02 Slacker 26:29 Plunger > 36:26 Power of Soul** (04.14.06 - Fillmore, San Francisco, California) 44:00 Eat > 49:17 Flying > 53:40 Intentions Clear > 59:07 End of the Road^ (04.28.06 - Canopy Club, Urbana, Illinois) 62:29 Ocean Billy^^ (04.03.06 - Park West, Chicago, Illinois) Total Broadcast Length 77:10 Notes: * with Crazy Train teases ** with Dump City teases ^ with Jake on acoustic ^^ acoustic (full band) The live arrangement of Liquid contains an extended instrumental outro that stemmed from its debut appearance. Brendan and Jake get to show off a little bit of their Jimi Hendrix interpretations in Power of Soul. Eat is Umphrey's new King Crimson inspired tune, which is followed up by The Beatles' Flying. Joel's Moog is used as the musical interlude out of Intentions Clear into the gentle End of the Road. The closing Ocean Billy is from the band's Safety in Numbers CD release party and displays an alternate acoustic approach to their improvisation.
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