Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 - Hajimemashite > 04:53 - "Jimmy Stewart" > 11:39 - Believe the Lie (05.05.05 - Key Club, Los Angeles, California) 20:25 - Anchor Drops > 26:43 - The Fuzz* > 34:05 - Lenny > 40:35 - The Haunt > 51:53 - Kinky Reggae (05.12.05 - Richards on Richards, Vancouver, British Columbia) 59:54 - Ringo** > 65:09 - "Jimmy Stewart" > 75:25 - Baby You're a Rich Man$ > 77:34 - Ringo (05.27.05 - Summercamp, Chillicothe, Illinois) Total Broadcast Length 78:52 Notes: * with Kimble tease ** second half, only; Jake on piano during intro $ one verse/chorus We round out the trio of May podcasts with a wide array of tunes and some more tasty improvisation. The lack of a straight setlist in Vancouver led to some very relaxed and open playing as demonstrated by their seamless hopping from song to song. To close is a segment of the Ringo from Summercamp. The band opened the second set by completing the song they opened the first set with, with some inspired jamming and a brief detour into The Beatles along the way.
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00:00 - Plunger > 07:15 - "Jimmy Stewart"* > 14:37 - Big Heart** (05.05.05 - Key Club, Los Angeles, California) 25:22 - Much Obliged^ (05.27.05 - Summercamp, Chillicothe, Illinois) 38:42 - Nothing Too Fancy$ > 53:33 - Women Wine and Song > 62:13 - Nothing Too Fancy (05.13.05 - Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon) Total Broadcast Length 73:45 Notes: * with lyrics ** with Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) tease ^ with Al Schnier (moe.) on guitar $ with Cowgirl in the Sand (Neil Young) jam More highlights from May bring you a sit-in from Al Schnier, a friend as well as a fan of Umphrey's. The three-pronged guitar attack in the jam out of Much Obliged is a treat. Another vocal "Jimmy Stewart" is followed by the obscure Lounge Lizards' Big Heart, one of the few more straightforward jazz songs that the band attempts. To close out is the 35-minute Nothing Too Fancy excursion that was the highlight of the two week West Coast run for many.
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