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00:00 August (7.05.07 - Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 12:23 Atmosfarag > 17:54 "Jimmy Stewart" > 24:12 40's Theme (6.07.07 - Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon) 33:39 "Jimmy Stewart"^ > 45:13 It's About That Time^ (6.14.07 - Downtown, San Diego, California) 53:03 Bad Poker* (8.25.07 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) 60:25 JaJunk (7.19.07 - 10,000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota) Total Broadcast Length 77:24 Notes: ^ with Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) on piano, guitar, bass * with Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) on washboard and Mike Rackey on pedal steel
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00:00 Nothing Too Fancy (8.16.07 - Camp Bisco, Mariaville, New York) 25:05 Nemo > 27:21 Wizard Burial Ground > 36:38 Nemo (7.19.07 - 10,000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota) 39:22 Blue Echo > 52:00 Bron-Yr-Aur (6.28.07 - NTELOS Pavilion, Portsmouth, Virginia) 53:48 Wife Soup (8.25.07 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) Total Broadcast Length 73:07 Notes:
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00:00 Last Man Swerving* > 11:14 The Fussy Dutchman (05.03.07 - WorkPlay SoundStage, Birmingham, Alabama) 18:37 Hurt Bird Bath (04.07.07 - Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, Indiana) 37:35 Example 1 > 49:41 Syncopated Strangers (05.31.07 - Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York) 58:29 Ringo (05.02.07 - WorkPlay SoundStage, Birmingham, Alabama) Total Broadcast Length 76:54 Notes: *with Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix) jam A rare Last Man Serving makes its debut podcast appearance and features a brief take on Voodoo Child, with Jake at the lead. The Murat Hurt Bird Bath may not have made the album, but a mixed version can now be heard by all thanks to KB. The patient improv out of Example 1 makes a slow build before splashing into Syncopated Strangers. Ringo has had a resurgence in 2007 as a springboard for experimentation.
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00:00 talking Live at the Murat #1 02:03 Eat (Live at the Murat, in stores Oct 16) 06:23 talking Live at the Murat #2 09:00 The Stranger > 17:35 All in Time (04.05.07 - The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri) 40:01 talking Live at the Murat #3 42:12 Partyin' Peeps (04.14.07 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC) 51:01 talking Live at the Murat #4 53:00 Got Your Milk (Right Here) (04.15.07 - Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY) 56:48 The Bottom Half > 60:44 Born Under a Bad Sign > 64:30 The Bottom Half (04.03.07 - IMU Ballroom, Iowa City, Iowa) 68:37 talking Live at the Murat #5 70:47 Kimble (04.18.07 - Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania) Total Broadcast Length 76:03 Notes: With the 2-disc Live at the Murat due in stores this coming Tuesday October 16, Brendan, Joel, Kevin Browning and special guest Andy Farag stop by to talk about the new album, making mistakes, and midgets on unicycles. A cover of Billy Joel's The Stranger fades into an All in Time that explores rare territory. Born Under a Bad Sign made it's first full appearance in several years in the middle of The Bottom Half. The Joel Cummins penned Kimble dates back to the first Umphrey's show.
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00:00 The Crooked One > 11:33 Alex's House > 19:53 Soul Food I > 29:04 The Crooked One (04.19.07 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York) 33:58 Phil's Farm* (04.14.07 - 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.) 53:06 The Triple Wide > 68:53 Slacker (04.03.07 - IMU Ballroom, Iowa City, Iowa) Total Broadcast Length 76:54 Notes: * with For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica) jam The newly opened up The Crooked One has expanded into a setlist weapon in 2007. Alex's House originated from a Brendan Bayliss demo that would eventually become part of The Bottom Half. A dark jam in the middle of Phil's Farm offers another of Umphrey's many influences with an appearance of Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls.
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00:00 Water@ (03.02.07 - Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, Tennessee) 06:50 Red^ (03.15.07 - Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan) 12:58 Intentions Clear > 18:13 "Jimmy Stewart" (03.23.07 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota) 32:34 Space Funk Booty (03.24.07 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota) 37:10 Bridgeless > 44:27 Plunger > 49:06 Glory > 51:59 Plunger > 61:59 Bridgeless (03.06.07 - Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado) 68:59 Thela Hun Ginjeet^ (03.16.07 - Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, Michigan) Total Broadcast Length 76:22 Notes: @ with Brendan and Jake on acoustic ^ with Adrian Belew
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00:00 #5^ (03.16.07 - Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, Michigan) 07:57 Much Obliged > 18:54 Utopian Fir > 26:16 Bright Lights, Big City > 37:58 Utopian Fir (03.14.07 - Canopy Club, Urbana, Illinois) 44:43 The Haunt > 57:27 Sweetness > 61:10 13 Days (03.01.07 - The Orange Peel, Asheville, North Carolina) 65:33 Padgett's Profile* (03.16.07 - Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, Michigan) Total Broadcast Length 76:22 Notes: ^ with Adrian Belew * with jam similar to 06.16.06 Intentions Clear
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00:00 talking Trancegression #1 01:16 Resolution^* > 12:32 Svenghali$ (07.15.07 - Trancegression, Copper Mountain, Colorado) 22:36 talking Trancegression #2 24:32 Gangster^ > 30:37 Helicopters^ > 39:11 Orch Theme^ (07.14.07 - Trancegression, Copper Mountain, Colorado) 47:01 talking Trancegression #3 48:19 Der Bluten Kat > 64:55 Mulche's Odyssey > 71:11 Der Bluten Kat (07.15.07 - Trancegression, Copper Mountain, Colorado) Total Broadcast Length 77:34 Notes: ^ performed by The Disco Biscuits * with Brendan and Andy $ first time played (The Disco Biscuits); with Jon Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits Ryan, Joel and sound caresser Kevin Browning are joined by Marc and Aron of The Disco Biscuits as they talk about their highlights of their first Trancegression Festival. Continuing on the D.U.M.B. tour theme of band camaraderie and interaction, for the Trancegression encore, The Disco Biscuits with the addition of Brendan came out to perform UM's Resolution, after which Umphrey's replaced them on-stage to perform a version of tDB's Svenghali joined by Jon Gutwillig on guitar and vocals.
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00:00 Professor Wormbog > 02:13 "Jimmy Stewart" > 07:10 Professor Wormbog (02.28.07 - Georgia Theatre, Athens, Georgia) 09:52 Miss Tinkle's Overture (02.18.07 - Grand Sierra Theatre, Reno, Nevada) 23:20 Liquid > 40:48 Get in the Van (02.27.07 The NorVa, Norfolk, Virginia) 47:10 Believe the Lie (02.16.07 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, California) 58:51 Robot World* > 65:29 I Want You (She's So Heavy) (02.17.07 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, California) Total Broadcast Length 74:14 Notes: * with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease
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Podcast #47 - December 2006 00:00 Push the Pig* (12.29.06 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois) 10:49 Wife Soup > 20:23 "Jimmy Stewart"** > 30:26 Wife Soup (12.01.06 - Nokia Theatre, New York, New York) 35:28 Further On Down the Road^# (12.31.06 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois) 39:46 The Fuzz > 49:39 Dear Lord (12.30.06 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois) 52:38 My Old School^^# (12.31.06 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois) 58:04 Hurt Bird Bath$ (12.02.06 - Nokia Theatre, New York, New York) Total Broadcast Length 79:10 Notes: * with Chris Chew (North Mississippi Allstars) on bass and Ryan on keys ** with 1812 Overture and Carol of the Bells teases ^ with Taj Mahal # with with Jeff Coffin on saxophone, Michael "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet, Chris Neal on saxophone, and Brent Sanders on trombone ^^ first time played (Steely Dan) $ with Thank You (Dido) teases
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00:00 Young Lust > 04:58 White Man's Moccasins (11.15.06 - Bogart's, Cincinnati, Ohio) 12:04 Syncopated Strangers* > 16:56 "Jimmy Stewart" > 25:54 Syncopated Strangers (11.16.06 - Headliner's Music Hall, Louisville, Kentucky) 29:45 In the Kitchen@ (11.17.06 - The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Georgia) 41:47 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > 46:15 "Jimmy Stewart"^ > 55:58 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > 63:16 Groove Holmes$ > 66:00 "Jimmy Stewart" (11.02.06 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin) Total Broadcast Length 73:16 Notes: * with Young Lust vocals @ acoustic ^ with lyrics $ with Jake on keys To start off, a cover of Pink Floyd's Young Lust which dissolves into White Man's Moccasins. The outro telephone conversation of Young Lust is revisited the following night in Syncopated Strangers just before they start that patiently developed "Jimmy Stewart". We close out our look back at November where we started, at the Barrymore, with the much talked about Tribute to the Spinal Shaft featuring the "Cemetery Stew" rumored to now be a song in progress. After a long overdue revisit to the Beastie Boys' instrumental Groove Holmes, the band approaches terminal velocity with a climactic finish.
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00:00 The Bottom Half > 05:36 KaBump > 12:34 "Jimmy Stewart"^ > 20:16 The Bottom Half (11.08.06 - Liberty Hall, Lawrence, Kansas) 23:19 Divisions* > 40:57 I Heard It Through the Grapevine$ > 48:46 Dump City > 59:50 Divisions > 61:29 Dr. Feelgood > 64:17 Divisions (11.09.06 - Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, Oklahoma) Total Broadcast Length 73:23 Notes: ^ with lyrics * with Simple Gifts teases $ with Dump City jam The Bottom Half sets the table for a rousing KaBump which featured some crowd interaction, including Jake using an audience member's cell phone as a slide. The "Jimmy Stewart" that follows is a fine example of a few simple ideas coming together to form a 'song' in the moment, with melodies sure to be stuck in your head for days. Divisions is a spring board for Umphrey's to cover a wide array of genres and styles, everything from a Bill Frisell-ian stroll through I Heard it Through the Grapevine, a quick stop in the dirty funk of Dump City, a foray into some minimalistic post-rock, and even a tribute to Motley Crue.
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00:00 Morning Song > 02:07 "Jimmy Stewart" > 09:49 Morning Song (11.02.06 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin) 15:52 The Girl is Mine@ > 21:28 August@* > 33:10 Out of Order (11.03.06 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin) 42:43 Ocean Billy > 56:24 Blue Echo^ > 74:17 Ocean Billy (11.04.06 - Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Total Broadcast Length 78:02 Notes: @ acoustic * with National Anthem (Radiohead) jam ^ with Jake on keys for portion The 3-night Wisconsin run from last November, showcased some of their strongest playing in 2006 -- a level which would continue through the end of the year. The podcast begins with an extended take on Morning Song takes a includes a sublime solo section from Joel. Adopted from Jake's Ali Baba's Tahini days, a cover of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney collaboration The Girl is Mine also features the standard Jane Says (Jane's Addiction) interlude, while August features the band digging into the dark drone of Radiohead's National Anthem. The closing Ocean Billy sandwich is packed with 3 sections of Umphrey's more organic improvisational style, as they traverse through several genres and moods in each jaunt.
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00:00 Prowler > 05:34 Uncommon > 06:53 "Jimmy Stewart" > 14:38 Uncommon (10.02.06 - The Egg, Albany, New York) 16:20 JaJunk > 21:00 Breathe > 29:43 JaJunk (10.21.06 - The Avalon, Hollywood, California) 35:23 Hajimemashite > 40:47 "Jimmy Stewart" > 47:46 Words (10.24.06 - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California) 57:03 Front Porch* (10.25.06 - House of Blues, Anaheim, California) Total Broadcast Length 71:51 Notes: * with No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne) teases
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00:00 band intro 00:37 Bright Lights, Big City (The Bottom Half, out April 3rd) 04:21 interview segment #1 07:13 Higgins > 10:50 "Jimmy Stewart" > 20:24 Higgins (10.20.06 - Senator Theatre, Chico, California) 25:41 interview segment #2 27:03 Kat's Tune (10.05.06 - 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.) 30:01 Smell the Mitten (10.07.06 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA) 37:10 interview segment #3 38:59 The Fussy Dutchman > 47:24 Mail Package 50:38 "Jimmy Stewart" > 56:30 Mail Package (10.02.06 - The Egg, Albany, New York) 61:15 interview segment #4 62:51 The Triple Wide* > 72:05 Can't Find My Way Home (10.07.06 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA) Total Broadcast Length 75:37 Notes: * with Take On Me (A-Ha) jam
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00:00 Resolution (09.27.06 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York) 16:30 Rocker* (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 23:42 Senor Mouse (09.07.06 - The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan) 32:22 Thin Air^ (09.08.06 - Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater, South Bend, IN) 43:06 2nd Self > 49:04 "Jimmy Stewart" (09.29.06 - Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont) 60:29 Pay the Snucka (09.30.06 - Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont) Total Broadcast Length 74:22 Notes: * with Brendan on acoustic ^ with Jamie Magera on guitar The Resolution that opened the two-week East Coast swing would set the tempo for much of the band's style for the rest of the year. Often times playing without a setlist, every song was a potential springboard that could lead into extended improv. Chick Corea's Senor Mouse is among the most difficult covers that Umphrey's tackles. Jake and Brendan welcomed their old guitar teacher, Jamie Magera, on-stage to pay respect to the man responsible for introducing them to many of the stylings that define their sound today. The 2nd Self is another example of the open-ended improvisation, as the band traverses through several different moods. Astute listeners may recognize a Jake lego from the 6/2/06 Great American, one of the tracks on "Jimmy Stewart" The Second Album.
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00:00 Last Train Home (09.28.06 - The State Theatre, Ithaca, New York) 04:19 Nemo > 06:22 "Jimmy Stewart" > 11:32 Nemo (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 13:50 Nothing Too Fancy > 37:15 Orfeo (09.07.06 - The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan) 43:53 Passing* (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 47:55 Uncle Wally* > 53:03 Memories of Home* (09.08.06 - Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater, South Bend, IN) 57:33 Sociable Jimmy > 65:33 Bridgeless (09.27.06 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York) Total Broadcast Length 76:13 Notes: * acoustic A cover of Pat Metheny's Last Train Home displays a more gentle Umphrey's McGee, with careful attention to arrangement, dynamics and space. An improvisationally augmented Nemo gives way to an explosive Nothing Too Fancy, which becomes a gateway for an extended narrative jam lead by Jake. The rare Orfeo, one of the band's earliest songs, let's Joel Cummins showcase his writing talents, while Memories of Home displays another side of Jake Cinninger's musical personality.
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00:00 "Great American" (02.10.06 - The Rave Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 02:57 "FF" (02.21.06 - Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, North Carolina) 10:10 "The Triple Wide" (06.01.06 - Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, Oklahoma) 18:25 "Der Bluten Kat" (04.10.06 - McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California) 24:12 "Robot World" (02.21.06 - Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, North Carolina) 29:31 "In the Kitchen" (04.07.06 - The Showbox, Seattle, Washington) 36:06 "Der Bluten Kat"* (02.11.06 - Orpheum Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin) 40:19 "Hurt Bird Bath"** (06.10.06 - White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana) 47:54 "Der Bluten Kat" (02.11.06 - Orpheum Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin) 54:13 "The Haunt" (06.10.06 - White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana) 59:56 "Nothing Too Fancy" (02.10.06 - The Rave Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 63:39 "Nemo" (04.14.06 - Fillmore, San Francisco, California) Total Broadcast Length 75:07 Notes: * with Ryan, Jake, and Brendan on keyboards; Safety Dance (Men Withour Hats) teases ** with Buster (moe.) teases Here's another in-depth look into the improvisation of Umphrey's McGee. "Jimmy Stewart" The Second Album, now available at, is a look back at the first half of 2006, these tracks are the best of what didn't make the cut. As the band's improvisation style has matured, there's an increasing amount of attention being paid to creating lasting melodies. Listen as they develop from a simple riff into a "new section of music." This collection displays the wide cross-section of genres they could fall into at any time on any given evening.
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00:00 Phil's Farm (08.30.06 - Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, Minnesota) 16:43 40's Theme 25:41 Eat (08.20.06 - Hartwood Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) 30:20 Let Me Go Home, Whiskey (08.30.06 - Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, Minnesota) 33:48 2x2 47:29 Atmosfarag > 51:47 "Jimmy Stewart" > 57:46 Atmosfarag (08.31.06 - Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, Minnesota) 59:04 All in Time (08.19.06 - Cannery Row Revival - Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee) Total Broadcast Length 74:54 Notes: Phil's Farm is used as a launching pad for a progressive dance section that segues smoothly back into the closing section. Brendan's outro solo is undoubtedly one of his strongest to date, enhanced by the rest of the band following along the way. Let Me Go Home, Whiskey is adapted from Asleep at the Wheel's cover of the Amos Wilburn jazz tune. Atmosfarag, for the first time, was extended far beyond any boundaries that had been set before.
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00:00 Intentions Clear (08.26.06 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) 05:51 Believe the Lie 18:11 Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 (08.25.06 - FUNK Fest, Bean Blossom, IN) 31:55 Der Bluten Kat > 47:18 Glory > 52:19 Der Bluten Kat (08.26.06 - Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, Illinois) 56:00 All Things Ninja (08.25.06 - F.U.N.K. Festival, Bean Blossom, Indiana) Total Broadcast Length 72:06 Notes: entire podcast with Joshua Redman on saxophone Umphrey's McGee was once again honored to welcome Joshua Redman to the stage for 2 shows, August 2006. He revisited his Safety in Numbers appeareance on Intentions Clear. The new "fusion" intro to Believe the Lie is augmented even further with Redman's horn. The Shine On You Crazy Diamond encore closed their appearance at the F.U.N.K. Festival.
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