Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 Hurt Bird Bath (02.24.06 - The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri) 20:52 August > 24:43 "Jimmy Stewart"* > 34:31 August > 44:27 Roulette (02.10.06 - The Rave Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 49:09 The Haunt > 54:03 "Jimmy Stewart" 62:58 In the Kitchen^ (02.23.06 - Bogart's, Cincinnati, Ohio) Total Broadcast Length 79:55 Notes: * with lyrics ^ with Nick Blasky (Ray's Music Exchange) on bass One of the most exploratory Hurt Bird Bath's to date shows Umphrey's willingness to expand their songs far beyond their typical boundaries. Astute listeners may pick up on a bass line "lego" in the jam out of August into Roulette. It has previously appeared in Podcast #11 and was a foundation for a lyrical "Jimmy Stewart." Nick Blasky's guest spot during In the Kitchen demonstrates why he has an open invitation to sit in. His band, Ray's Music Exchange, and UM have played many shows together over the years.
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