Umphrey's McGee Podcast
00:00 band intro 00:37 Bright Lights, Big City (The Bottom Half, out April 3rd) 04:21 interview segment #1 07:13 Higgins > 10:50 "Jimmy Stewart" > 20:24 Higgins (10.20.06 - Senator Theatre, Chico, California) 25:41 interview segment #2 27:03 Kat's Tune (10.05.06 - 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.) 30:01 Smell the Mitten (10.07.06 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA) 37:10 interview segment #3 38:59 The Fussy Dutchman > 47:24 Mail Package 50:38 "Jimmy Stewart" > 56:30 Mail Package (10.02.06 - The Egg, Albany, New York) 61:15 interview segment #4 62:51 The Triple Wide* > 72:05 Can't Find My Way Home (10.07.06 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA) Total Broadcast Length 75:37 Notes: * with Take On Me (A-Ha) jam
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00:00 Resolution (09.27.06 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York) 16:30 Rocker* (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 23:42 Senor Mouse (09.07.06 - The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan) 32:22 Thin Air^ (09.08.06 - Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater, South Bend, IN) 43:06 2nd Self > 49:04 "Jimmy Stewart" (09.29.06 - Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont) 60:29 Pay the Snucka (09.30.06 - Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont) Total Broadcast Length 74:22 Notes: * with Brendan on acoustic ^ with Jamie Magera on guitar The Resolution that opened the two-week East Coast swing would set the tempo for much of the band's style for the rest of the year. Often times playing without a setlist, every song was a potential springboard that could lead into extended improv. Chick Corea's Senor Mouse is among the most difficult covers that Umphrey's tackles. Jake and Brendan welcomed their old guitar teacher, Jamie Magera, on-stage to pay respect to the man responsible for introducing them to many of the stylings that define their sound today. The 2nd Self is another example of the open-ended improvisation, as the band traverses through several different moods. Astute listeners may recognize a Jake lego from the 6/2/06 Great American, one of the tracks on "Jimmy Stewart" The Second Album.
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00:00 Last Train Home (09.28.06 - The State Theatre, Ithaca, New York) 04:19 Nemo > 06:22 "Jimmy Stewart" > 11:32 Nemo (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 13:50 Nothing Too Fancy > 37:15 Orfeo (09.07.06 - The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan) 43:53 Passing* (09.22.06 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado) 47:55 Uncle Wally* > 53:03 Memories of Home* (09.08.06 - Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater, South Bend, IN) 57:33 Sociable Jimmy > 65:33 Bridgeless (09.27.06 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York) Total Broadcast Length 76:13 Notes: * acoustic A cover of Pat Metheny's Last Train Home displays a more gentle Umphrey's McGee, with careful attention to arrangement, dynamics and space. An improvisationally augmented Nemo gives way to an explosive Nothing Too Fancy, which becomes a gateway for an extended narrative jam lead by Jake. The rare Orfeo, one of the band's earliest songs, let's Joel Cummins showcase his writing talents, while Memories of Home displays another side of Jake Cinninger's musical personality.
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