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00:00 - We're Going to War > 04:50 - The Bottom Half 10:40 - Push the Pig* 19:46 - Syncopated Strangers 31:21 - Trenchtown Rock^ (03.21.05 - The Old Hall, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 37:45 - Visions of Parin > 43:58 - Plunger (03.20.05 - The Max, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 49:56 - Ringo^^ (03.22.05 - The Old Hall, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 62:38 - Roulette (03.26.05 - The Riviera, Chicago, Illinois) Total Broadcast Length 77:11 Notes: * with Lose Yourself (Eminem) teases ^ with Keller Williams on vocals, woodblock ^^ with Charlie Hitchcock (Particle) on guitar Here is a collection of tunes from Jam in the Dam. The band was loose, relaxed, and very playful. All of the bands were having a blast; you can hear the mutual respect among the artists during the Keller Williams and Charlie Hitchcock sit-ins. To close out this collection of tunes is the Roulette from their triumphant return to The Riviera, a few highlights. You can feel the band and the crowd feeding off each other's energy.
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00:00 - Divisions - (03.07.05 - Exit/In, Nashville, Tennessee) 19:56 - "Jimmy Stewart"^* - (03.11.05 - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia) 31:04 - explanation of the title for Miss Tinkle's Overture 33:30 - Miss Tinkle's Overture 42:08 - FF > 45:08 - "Jimmy Stewart"^ > 50:28 - Walletsworth (03.09.05 - WorkPlay, Birmingham, Alabama) 55:37 - Jimmy Stewart"^ (03.08.05 - Blue Cats, Knoxville, Tennessee) 63:39 - Hurt Bird Bath** - (03.09.05 - WorkPlay, Birmingham, Alabama) Total Broadcast Length 79:52 Notes: ^ with lyrics * with Napoleon Dynamite theme teases ** with Peter Gunn theme teases and Paradise City (Guns N 'Roses) jam The band's week long tour through the south yielded some gem "Jimmy Stewarts" that everyone should check out. Each of the three "Stewarts" in this episode are of the rare lyrical variety. The Atlanta and Knoxville "Stewarts" could easily be confused as songs to the untrained listener. The Pearl Jam-tinged Birmingham "Stewart" is a nice treat for the children of the 90s in us all. The explanation of the title for Miss Tinkle's Overture gives us at least a little bit of insight into the band's song naming conventions (unconventional as they are). For those unfamiliar with the "Jimmy Stewart", be sure to check out this write-up.
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